Building a Culture of Innovation

Many businesses, for the most part, are currently in survival mode. The smaller the company, the bigger the danger of going under. For this reason, there has been a surge in the rise of innovation culture. 

Innovation culture is essentially a subset of corporate culture. It encourages out of the box creativity, spread across many departments. In an ever-changing world that demands innovation for a company’s very survival, staying the course almost certainly means failure. For this reason, putting out immediate fires is fine, but it can’t be the sole focus of companies who wish to be around for the long-haul.

Google itself has not been immune to the crisis, due to a loss in advertisers, and thus have had to rethink its original model in order to stay innovative and profitable. They, above anyone else, understand the power of big data and have used it to adapt to this new normal of a society in quarantine. By examining searches and finding patterns, Google was able to identify trends about people ordering food, getting groceries and packages delivered, and cooking at home. It became clear that they would benefit by making as much information available as possible, including real-time data on health conditions in areas surrounding food and beverage facilities, and then updating any changes to operational hours. They also made it instantly available when searching to see what options a customer had regarding curbside pick-up, delivery, and takeout.

In the past, the concept of innovation was an incremental methodology. It was a way to enhance an already existing working model for success. Nowadays, however, a transformational method of innovation is required to create a new industry or alter the way we live and work. To do this, a company needs to have three things in its arsenal – ability, willingness, and potential. Promote an innovative-promoting culture by giving your team all of the tools they need to succeed. Encourage cross-department dialog and give employees training on being creative. In addition, optimism is contagious and powerful. No matter how bleak the news might be, your only job is to motivate your team to be innovators and come up with fresh, new ways to stay relevant.