How Machine Learning is Impacting HR

Every day new technology advancements are made. Every day the knowledge we gain is changing industries. While it might come as a surprise to some, even Human Resources are being affected by these developments.

Technology such as machine learning can have a significant impact on HR. Machine learning is the use of data and statistics to design an algorithm that can self-function. It makes use of patterns in the data and can interpret the data accordingly.

As such, machine learning is instrumental when trying to automate a process or shuffle through significant amounts of data. It’s easy to imagine how this sort of technology might help HR.

Most HRs must process hundreds of applications in a day, digging through them all to find the best candidate for the job. With machine learning, this process has been made infinitely more manageable. HR can plug in the traits/skills they’re looking for and let the algorithm do the processing for them.

Better yet, the process would get better with time. That’s where the ‘learning’ part of machine learning comes into play. Over time the algorithm will begin to understand better what a company is (or is not) looking for, further enhancing the process.

That is merely one example of how machine learning can help streamline HR functions. Machine learning can also be applied to schedule other HR functions (interviews, appraisals, meetings, etc.), improve the recruitment process, personalize training, and measure employee engagement.

Machine learning can do more than simply help a company hire new employees – it can help maintain those employees. Attrition detection has always been a considerable concern for upper management. A company needs to understand why their employees leave and how to prevent it.

Here’s where having an algorithm that can delve into the data and translate it helps. Through the use of machine learning and employee surveys, it can become more accessible for a business to understand why an employee might wish to move on and what can be changed to help prevent that in the future. 

There is already a variety of software available to help HR access this latest advancement in technology. Everything from sorting applications to management personnel has already been thought of and developed.