Maintaining a Healthy Work/Life Balance

The immense desire to achieve more, pressure from bills, and many incentives lead to working more hours than someone should. One may find achieving, let alone maintaining a healthy work-life balance being a real struggle. A harmonious work-life blend helps with mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Here are recommendations for finding a healthy work/life balance.

Prioritize Your Health

Daily workout routines help in maintaining physical shape and provide therapy to the brain, thereby releasing stress. For better functioning at the workplace, one should avoid skipping exercises because of approaching deadlines and pressure from clients.

Create Time

With lots of things to do, time is an essential resource. It is helpful to track time spent on different activities to understand what takes more time than it should. Upon realizing tasks that consume more time than anticipated, one needs to identify strategies to save time. The use of software and delegation of tasks can help save time.

Create a Schedule and Adhere to It

A schedule informs a person of the activities they should perform within a preset timeframe. Work can be demanding, and without realizing it, someone can end up answering calls or responding to emails late in the night. Adherence to a schedule helps people to create a boundary between work and personal time.

Have separate gadgets such as phones or computers for work and personal use to avoid interruptions and disruptions of the schedule. 


The setting of goals and prioritizing tasks help in proper time management. Categorizing work based on urgency and importance gives focus on what is most vital to avoid missing crucial deadlines. Be keen to slot tasks that are demanding and require high concentration during the most productive hours.

Take a Vacation

There is more to life than work. A holiday allows one to connect better with family and significant others. In addition, breaking off from regular work for a while helps prevent burnout, reduce stress and improve physical and mental health. Productivity at work is synonymous with a rested workforce. So every time there is time off, it gears towards improving time on.