Master Your Elevator Pitch


Meeting the right person at the right time could help launch your career to the next level! Here’s how to make the most of a chance encounter.

Always Be Ready

You never know when an opportunity will pop up, which is why it’s essential to have an elevator pitch at your disposal. Spend some time practicing and perfecting your pitch every so often so you have it fresh and ready to go in your mind at all times! This way you will always be prepared for any situation that might present itself to you.

Ease Into It

If it’s someone you know, acknowledge how you know each other. If it’s someone you’ve never met, you can still acknowledge what you have in common. For example, a bag or suitcase or pair of glasses, any common ground is better than nothing!

Focus On The Future

Your pitch shouldn’t be a laundry list of achievements of your life story. Instead, talk about what you’re working on or something you’re going to be doing. This catches people’s attention and intrigues them to ask more.

Keep It Short

Aim for a 45-second pitch. Practice in front of a mirror with a stopwatch and videotape yourself. Watch the clip and take notes. See if something doesn’t make sense, if you’re talking too fast or too slow, or if you want to reword anything.

Be Approachable

Make eye contact and keep your arms uncrossed so you’re open to the person in front of you. Be close, but maintain some distance so you’re not taking over the other person’s space.

Ask Questions

Turn the conversation back to the other person. At a minimum you should know enough that you can keep in touch with them.

Exchange Contact Info

A big pet peeve in networking is when people are too presumptuous. The elevator pitch is an introduction, not a close. It’s only purpose is to start a relationship. You want to connect with the person and plant the seed for future contact.

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