The Best Tech Tools for Remote Businesses

The face of business is changing. These days, a company can succeed even without the use of centralized office spaces. Through the use of technology, employees can stay up to date with their work while maintaining constant communication.

The ease of transitioning to a remote work environment has been made infinitely more accessible thanks to the tools available to businesses. Here are some of the best tech tools available for remote companies.


Evernote is a management tool that allows for streamlined processing. It replaces bookmarks, notecards, calendar events, and to-do lists. It’s an effective tool for both individuals and businesses.


Alternatively, there’s ProofHub. This is another online project management software, perfect for businesses. Team members can easily interact with the same projects and notes, as well as having a space for conversations, feedback, and more.

10to8 Meeting Scheduling Sofware

10to8 Meeting Scheduling Sofware is one of the fastest ways to arrange new and recurring meetings, appointments, and more. It’s capable of scheduling for multiple time zones and can even integrate with Zoom.


When it comes to managing hours, benefits, onboarding, and payroll, Zenefits is the way to go. It is ideal for small and midsized businesses and even offers a free demo for any interested companies.


For businesses that have several projects, Asana can help with that. It’s a virtual to-do list system where teammates can assign tasks and track progress across the board. It makes for an ideal replacement for dozens of unscheduled meetings.


Basecamp is another project management tool that comes with dozens of team collaboration features. Users can organize conversations, share ideas, and work together to stay on the same page.


Having trouble keeping virtual meetings on track? Soapbox is the tool to fix that. This tool is perfect for one-on-one sessions, as well as team meetings. It’s easy to share and collaborate in one location through this app.

Google Cloud Platform

Most remote businesses will need a way to coordinate and store all of their information. That is where programs such as Google Cloud Platform come into play. Google Cloud Platform is a cloud service provider; one is both highly popular and approachable.