Top Tech Gadgets for the Workplace

The average person works 40 hours a week – that’s 2,080 hours a year. With those numbers in mind, it’s easy to understand why an office should be designed as efficiently and comfortably as possible.

Sometimes that comes in the form of an ergonomic computer chair. Other times? It’s all about keeping up with the industry and making the best use of the available technology. Here are some of the top tech gadgets for the workplace.


AirBar is a sleek device that, at a glance, may seem underwhelming – until you can see what it does. This device can turn any laptop into a touchscreen. It’s easy to set up and is compatible with both Windows 10 and Macs.

Standing Desk Converters

The health benefits of standing desks have been made clear, yet the average office has yet to convert. Part of the concern is adaptability – not everyone wants to stand all of the time. That’s why investing in a desk that can alter height is a healthy (and financially sound) alternative. 


Some jobs require the use of more than one screen, which feels cumbersome or impossible when it comes time to travel. Thanks to Trio, what has been impossible now feels possible. Trio creates room for a dual or triple screen setup for a laptop. It’s small for what it is, making it easier to pack up and travel with.

BrightLink Pro Interactive Displays

One of Epson’s latest devices, the Brightlight Pro Interactive Display, can easily streamline an entire business meeting. It’s a more technologically advanced projector, with an interactive display and the ability to connect to multiple devices at once.


Is productivity the name of the game in your industry? Then Ticktime is the perfect gadget for you. It’s a physical time manager device. It’s efficient, sleek, and designed to create a minimal distraction. Once a countdown has been created, it is easy to reset – just flip the device upside down.

Book-to-Screen Highlighter/Scanner

For companies that have to deal with a significant amount of documents, book-to-screen highlighters and scanners can be a lifesaver. This gadget is what the description promises – a piece of tech that will seamlessly help employees scan, create notations, and highlight sections of text. 

Hardware Encrypted HDDs and SSDs

Some companies have to work with sensitive data, and thus they must have methods to protect and transport that data. Hardware encrypted hard drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs) are simple yet highly effective measures.