About Alan

Alan Rasof Takes his Work Seriously.

Willis Tower

Chicago is dear to Alan’s heart.

Ask someone their virtues, and chances are they may not say “industry”. Not niche markets or corporate sector “industry”, but the ideal of staying handy, busy, and in the constant pursuit of a sharper skill set. But ask Alan Rasof, and he won’t hesitate to tell you just how important his work really is.

As with many people, Alan’s professional background goes back to his school days. In 1983, he graduated from Niles North High School, in Skokie, Illinois. He then pursued a Bachelor’s degree in accounting at DePaul University. Post-college, Rasof cut his teeth in the insurance market. He became a licensed insurance agent, specifically in casualty, life, and health insurance policies.

But insurance only tells one side of the professional story. Alan Rasof understands that your job is only what you put into it, and should be a reflection on your skills. He knows the importance of networking to expand your professional circle. Far too many people look at networking the wrong way, as a dry conversation that stops as soon as one party realizes there is nothing in it for them. Or, in a best case scenario, a swapped business card, a pat on the back, and a forgotten name. But Rasof believes networking goes beyond seeking the opportunity, because you first need to build the relationship. Besides the networking aspect of his career, Alan is very good at identifying an opportunity and bringing two people together over it. Such interactions allow him to expand his personable connections while creating a new chance for someone.

He also takes these skills beyond himself and into the community. By working with other companies and owners, he is able to advise and consult them on how to expand their own business. On top of that, he has a genuine care for working with the working class. He has also learned Spanish, which allows him to openly communicate, and serve, another community in the area.

Beyond the Office

But work isn’t everything for Alan. He is also an avid sports fan, particularly of basketball and football. Who does he support? The Bulls and the Bears of course! When he does watch baseball though, you can be sure he’ll be pulling for the white socks.

He’s also got a pretty bad case of the travel bug, and is looking to explore new places. Right now, he loves visiting various locations across Europe and Asia, while accompanied with his daughter and Grandson.

Alan Rasof gives back to his community, too. Notably, he is a donor and supporter of March of Dimes and Susan G. Komen.