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Business Travel: What to bring and what to leave

Packing for a business trip can be a colossal pain. Different from packing for vacation, which is a low-stress activity, business packing requires a lot more forethought and the consequences of forgetting important items are even more steep. In order to avoid an embarrassing situation without packing your whole entire house, here are some good tipAlan_Rasof_Business_Travel-What_to_Bring,_What_to_Leaves and tricks:

Lay out your Outfits: It’s hard to talk your way out of wearing the same shirt or dress for three of the five days that you’re out of town. Think through your outfits in depth before you actually start throwing stuff in your suitcase. That way, you neither overpack nor under pack. Think about how many outfits you can stretch out of one item like a pencil skirt or a pair of slacks. Also consider the breadth of formalities you need to prepare for. Do you need a dinner party outfit? What about hiking or golfing clothes?

Put your chargers next to your devices: The bane of our modern existence, chargers determine whether our precious devices live or die. It’s embarrassing and frustrating to travel with dead devices and spend extra money on chargers when you have a perfectly good one sitting at home. Make sure all your batteries are fresh and your devices have all the necessary wires and bricks.

Look through your To Dos: If you’re being sent on a business trip, you’ll presumably have some important tasks to accomplish while you’re on the road. From presentations to evaluations, you need to be prepared to execute your tasks to the the best of your ability. As you look over your assignments, write down what you’ll need for each one. Does your presentation require that you have print outs or a clicker? Should you be bringing along rubrics? Work out exactly what you need to bring, and bring only those things.

Bring what makes you feel good: Sure, it may be gratuitous to bring along a scent diffuser or a favorite blanket or a travel-sized French Press. But it’s important that you feel good and confident about yourself while you’re conducting business away from home. Bring what’s convenient to retain as much of your regular routine as possible so that you can continue to perform at the top of your game. As long as they fit in your suitcase or backpack, bring them along.