How AI Can Benefit Your Business Today

The demand for artificial intelligence rises as its capabilities continue to increase. These days, every industry is trying to find a way to include this new technology, and even smaller businesses can benefit from it.

There are plenty of uses for AI within any individual business, as the applications are limitless. Indeed, the only limitation is the creativity of the humans running the programs. It’s no wonder industries are so excited to get their hands on this latest technology.

Customer Service

While it may be hard to believe, AI can stand in as part of a business’ customer service team. By using artificial intelligence, one can provide instantaneous customer service. AI-driven chatbots are becoming more common for this reason.

These chatbots can provide 24/7 customer service, following automated communication prompts. However, they can also provide a more personalized feel to the service, thanks to the improvements of the chat function itself.


AI has become an essential marketing tool for businesses around the world. There are several reasons for this growing popularity. An AI can look at sales history and provide a new marketing strategy based on previous data.

It can also do the same for potential customers – meaning that it can specifically target specific demographics, using the right tools and approach to create the most appealing ad possible. This marketing strategy can even be applied to email campaigns, making a business all the more effective.

Human Resources

Using AI for human resources tasks may sound counterintuitive – given the name of human resources. Yet even in this department, AI is making an impact. Businesses now use AI for many HR tasks, including recruitment, screening, and retention.

Machine learning allows a company to input specific data, which can then be used to screen hundreds of applications automatically. This eases the burden of finding the right employee for the job. AI can continue the hiring process through automatic screening processes, such as a phone call robot for interviews. 


Consider all of the repetitive tasks any company has within a given day. Now imagine how easy it would be to train a computer to do those tasks instead. Not only does this save on labor – but on the whole, it leaves employees free to work on more rewarding jobs.