How to Know Whether an Employee Will be Successful

As a leader, it’s important to surround yourself with a team of people who not only see your vision and want to help you achieve it, but also have the tools to succeed in the business world. While it’s great to have a dedicated and loyal employee who strives to do better, unless they can manifest their goals into practical, real-world applications, there isn’t much benefit.

There are several ways to find out whether or not an employee is going to be successful. It starts with the interview process. Most interviews in this day and age go through a multi-step process. There might be an assessment of basic skills or a written submission portion, which might be followed by either an in-person interview or a phone conversation. There are signs that the interviewer should be looking for throughout the entire process, including reasons for leaving former jobs. This can be a strong indication of a candidate’s self-awareness and leanings towards a certain personality type. A person who has positive things to say about past employers is someone who can move on easily without being overly sensitive to issues. Asking questions about projects that made them feel proud in the past is another way to sense initiative and enthusiasm. Aim questions that will give you answers about how well they work in a team and handle their own time management.

Once hired, it’s important to have someone who communicates freely but who isn’t dependent upon others in order to stay on track. Having an office-wide collaborative tool that keeps track of projects and using it in conjunction with daily team meetings will help people communicate where they are and is they are in need of guidance. While asking for help is fine, a self-starting, confident employee is best to have since they will keep the train of progress moving. 

A future leader will show an abundance of both soft and hard skills. Soft skills pertain to how we interact with others using social and communication skills, displays of character, and personality. Hard skills are measured and graded and can be assessed, such as learning a computer language or being highly skilled in sales and marketing. A successful employee also knows that we are all a work in progress and there is always room for improvement.